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Sequence A Science Fiction Writer is something important, not just for Jay Lake––although that's certainly important enough by itself––but for all of us.

The probability of any one person developing cancer at some point in life is so high, you might as well think of it as a certainty, and be surprised if you don't. Getting a cancer sequenced should be as standard a treatment as radiation and chemotherapy––I'd say it offers a cancer patient their best chance to beat the fcker. In fact, if we routinely sequenced cancers, we might end up sparing most patients the ordeal of radiation and chemo because we could give them the most effective treatment in the first place, if that treatment exists. And if it doesn't, then researchers know what kind of treatment they need to develop. If you followed that sentence.

I didn't know about this Fundraiser until yesterday, so I may not be the last person on earth to find out about it (for once). So––again––forego that fancy de-caff macchiato and biscotti, or cruller, or pain de chocolat, and send what you would have spent to the fundraiser for Jay.

They've already hit the nominal target, but funds in excess will mean that Jay can take a leave of absence from his job––yes, throughout this ordeal, he has been working, which makes him a better man than I am––so he can rest and be with his family. If the sequencing leads to the optimum treatment, he'll need the time to recuperate. And if it doesn't, he'll need the time with his loved ones.

It doesn't matter whether you like him or his work or not, whether you even know him or not–donate out of enlightened self-interest. It's all too likely that you or someone you love is going to be in the same situation someday and, to paraphrase Jesse Jackson, No one can save us for us but us.

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